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UAW, Local 95 is an amalgamated union of Region 4 which represents various units in our community.  

#1-General Motors
#7-Blackhawk  Comm.  Credit Union
#8-Weiler & Co.
#9-Mercy Clinic East
#12-Parker Community Credit Union
#15-Abitec Corporation



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NEW CHAIR:  We would like to announce the election of Gail Lovell to the open position of Chairperson of Unit #12 PCCU.  Gail was elected by acclamation at the July 11th Unit #12 Membership Meeting.
   With Gail's move up to Chairperson, we have an open Committeeperson position and will look to fill it in the near future.

Announcement:  We held an election on April 30th for a committeeperson.  We would like to welcome Hollie Dennis to our Bargaining Committee.  Hollie had served as a committeeperson and we know here knowledge will be a great asset to our Bargaining Committee.

We do, however, regret that Chairperson Joann Shafer resigned due to personal reasons.  We wish to thank Joann for her service this past year; and wish her well.  

An election for Chairperson is pending.



Unit #12:
We will hold our Unit #12 Membership Meeting at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30th at the Local 95 Union Hall.
SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS:  Election for (1) Committeeperson.

Hope to see you there!
Joann & Gail























































































































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